A Beginners Guide to Vaping - What is E-Liquid?

What is E-Liquid

An e-Liquid is the most common name for the liquid that is used in conjunction with e-Cigarettes. All e-Cigarettes use e-Liquids to create the vapour which is inhaled by the user. The vapour is produced by the e-Cigarette heating the liquid. Other names used to describe e-liquid are e-juice, vape liquid; (derived from Vapour) and Smoke Juice.



Before you start using e-cigarettes and e-liquids, it’s important to understand what they contain.

All e-liquids contain hydroscopic components. In laymen’s terms, this means they absorb water from the air. These components are also referred to as liquid bases, and there are two common varieties in use today, both of which are also conventional food additives. The names of the bases are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), and you will most often see them referred to by their initials.
The other main ingredients used in e-Liquids are flavourings and Nicotine, and these are dissolved into the bases to create the finished liquid. When using an e-cigarette, it is the base fluids that produce the smoke or vapour that is visible to the naked eye.

In terms of flavours, the options available are almost endless with tobacco and menthol being popular due to their similarity with regular smoking. However, many other flavours exist inspired by fruits, drinks, sweets and foodstuffs. The quality of the flavouring used, where is it derived from and how it is applied to the base components are all essential aspects of creating great tasting e-liquids.


How long does e-liquid last? 

Similar to most food-based products, e-liquid does have an expiration date. But it isn’t quite the same as food. 

The expiration date for e-liquids refers to the date when the contents are no longer guaranteed to be the same quality when purchased (i.e the flavour and effects). 

You can expect most e-liquids on the market to have an expiration date of 1-2 years.

E-liquid flavours generally will break down and start to lose their taste around the 2-year mark which is why it’s important to regularly purchase new liquids.

There is nothing worse than finding an E-liquid cartridge around your house and realising that it is actually out of date and it will no have the same desired effect!

Make sure that you stay on top of your E-liquids and use them well before their expiration date. 



E Liquids containing Nicotine are available in many different concentrations generally expressed with a number followed by ‘mg’. Usually, the higher the Nicotine level, the stronger the throat hit the user experiences.
There are no set classifications as to what concentration of nicotine constitutes low, medium or high levels, however as a general rule of thumb low nicotine ranges from 3mg to 9mg, medium from 10mg to 14mg and high is anything above 15mg. 

What strength e-liquid should I use? 

If you are an experienced vaper, you will know that the strength of each liquid is measured in milligrams of nicotine per millilitre (/mL). E-liquids come in all sizes, strengths and flavours.

The strength of E-liquids will vary from 0mg/mL to anything up to 40mg/mL. 

For the CBD E-Liquids, you can expect to find 1000mg to 2000mg of organic cannabis oil in a 50ml bottle. Whichever type of E-liquid you choose to go for, it’s important that you choose the right strength for you. 

Some people, who are maybe experienced smoker/vapers, will want stronger liquids.

However, for many who are new to vaping, we would suggest starting off with a lower strength and working your way up to stronger liquids.


So, as e-liquids only contain the four components mentioned above the manufacturing process must be a doddle, Right?

While it is true that there are producers of e-liquids out there who do follow a very simple approach to production, the liquids they make should be avoided as they take shortcuts on ingredients quality and manufacturing.

A correctly produced high-quality e-liquid will contain pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Nicotine. It will also use food grade and established flavourings which will have been appropriately checked to ensure no components are harmful when inhaled.

It is also crucial that not only are the ingredients of the right quality but so are the manufacturing procedures used. E-Liquids should be made in sterile conditions to strict quality control procedures by qualified professionals. Importantly every batch of vape produced should be thoroughly analysed after it has been produced.


What is CBD e-liquid? 

When it comes to E-liquids, there a huge range of different brands and flavours. One of the most common types of E-Liquid on the market currently is CBD E-Liquid. 

Yes, you heard correctly.

CBD can be vaped! CBD is found in the hemp plant and is legal to purchase in the UK, with many big retailers now supplying it. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not have any hallucinogenic properties. 

So, what exactly is CBD E-liquid made for? 

CBD E-liquids will give you all the typical benefits of CBD but instead of ingesting it orally, you get the opportunity to use it in your vape! 

The perfect combination!

CBD E-liquids differ slightly from CBD oils (the ones normally ingested under your tongue) as the CBD E-liquids use a different base than the oils to get the CBD into your system. CBD oils and liquids do have one common ingredient which is CBD isolate.

CBD E-liquids usually come in different strengths and usually come in different flavours. Visit our CBD Buddy product page to browse some of ours!

CBD Buddy offers some tantalising flavours such as “Taylor Spliff Mixed Berry”, “Rolling Stone Blueberry”, “Reefer Franklin Strawberry” and “Jonny Stash Lemon”.

Our CBD oils are ready to vape out of the box - perfect to consume on the go.

How to vape CBD e-liquid?

When you choose one of our trusted brands, such as CBD Buddy, vaping CBD is easy. 

Simply add the CBD E-Liquid to your vape and prepare to feel the amazing benefits of CBD.

If you are already an existing “vaper”, moving from standard E-Liquids to CBD E-liquids will be a breeze! 

Some people choose to mix regular E-liquids with traditional CBD oils, but this can be a lot of effort. 

It’s also difficult to get the right measurements to feel the desired effect. 

Buying premade CBD E-Liquids is always the simple and easiest way to go!

Now you know exactly what E-Liquid is, shop our online store and checkout our wide range of great tasking E-Liquids.

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