The Top 10 E-Juice Flavours

Top 10 E-Juice Flavours

So you have found your way onto our site; Our offers have you wanting to overload your cart with E-Liquid that will last you until 2022! But the million dollar question is..... Which are the best vape juice flavours?!

unsurprisingly, they match some of the most popular flavours in general. That is to say that, while experimenting is fun, the top-rated e-juice flavours are generally those that are considered classic and straightforward. Note that many manufacturers make proprietary blends and mixes that are definite must-tries for the intermediate vaper who has worked his way through the list. 

  1. Tobacco — Tobacco-flavored e-liquids are especially popular among smokers who are trying to transition. Both nicotine and non-nicotine tobacco vape juice are available. Try Nicohit 50/50 Tobacco by Nicohit.
  2. Vanilla — The earthy but desserty flavor of vanilla makes it perfect for vaping. Whether alone, blended or added to a bakery-inspired juice, vanilla never disappoints. Be sure to check back for some fresh Vanilla juices launching very soon online!
  3. Menthol — Those who were once menthol smokers (or anyone who appreciates a bold, refreshing hit) will definitely want to sample some menthol e-juice. Try Nicohit Salts Menthol by Nicohit or for a fusion of menthol and berries, try Fog Life Hoodlum by Smoking Nicohit.
  4. Mango — Smooth, tropical and satisfying, mango e-liquids are some of the most popular fruit flavors around. Try Mojos by The Fog Clown or Fat Boy by Nasty Juice.
  5. Cherry — An excellent intro to fruity e-liquid flavors, cherry is perfect for after-dinner puffing or whenever you want a boost of sweetness. Try Cherry by Yankee Ice.
  6. Strawberry — Strawberry, like cherry, is the perfect transitional flavor for new vapers or those looking to sweeten up their vape game. Try Strawberry Laces by Mix Up or Strawberry Jam by Pump up the Jam.
  7. Blueberry — The perfect summer treat, this universally beloved vape juice flavor is always a hit among new and seasoned vapers. Try Star Gazing by Nasty Juice or Nicsalt Blueberry by Fifty50.
  8. Apple — Though it’s a year-round favorite, apple e-juice is ideal for adding to your autumn rotation if you’re looking for a seasonal pick-me-up. Try Green Apple by Nasty Juice or for a fruit infused blend try Gang Banger by Fog Life.
  9. Grape — Who doesn’t love a little grape in the vape? These tasty juices offer the authentic flavor of everyone’s favorite green and purple fruit. Try Grape Gorgone by TOS Juice or A$AP Grape by Nasty Juice.
  10. Raspberry — For whatever reason, vapers adore raspberry, and there are all sorts of pure and blended flavors featuring this amazing fruit. Try: Bigly Berry by Trump-It or Raspberry Bon-Bon by Yankee All Stars.

We love to hear you feedback on your favourite E-Liquid flavours, why don't you head over to our Instagram and leave a comment or like and engage with other avid vapers!


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