What are PG and VG in my E-Liquid?

PG and VG E-Liquid

Bhadoom eLiquid has up to 5 ingredients. Some contain water, flavourings and/or nicotine – and some contain none of these. However, all our eLiquids have one pair of ingredients in common – a base made of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). This base is an important part of the eLiquid – because it’s what holds the nicotine and flavourings in the vapour when it is inhaled.

Both PG and VG have similar properties, but they vary in subtle ways. Using different ratios of PG and VG in an eLiquid can create different vaping experiences. Sometimes, if you don’t enjoy your first vape, you may just be using an eLiquid with the wrong ratio of PG to VG for your particular taste. 
To get the balance right, it’s important to understand exactly what PG and VG are, and how they affect your vaping experience. You’ll find many of our eLiquids are marked with the strengths of PG and VG they contain. When available, this information is on the outside of the box that your eLiquid comes in, and in the accompanying leaflet – and you can also see it when you order eLiquids on our website, just above the price on the product page.

Propylene Glycol: The Flavour Carrier

PG is a clear and odourless e-liquid. Because PG has little flavour of its own, it carries the flavouring in an eLiquid really well, helping people get the most intense flavour from their vapour. It also catches quite hard in the back of the throat, giving a sensation closer to inhaling tobacco smoke.

PG is less viscous than VG, so high-PG eLiquids soak into the wick in your atomiser quicker than high-VG eLiquids, meaning that you can take more vapes in quick succession, without running the risk of an unpleasant “dry hit” (which happens when the wick is not sufficiently soaked in eLiquid).

Vegetable Glycerin

VG is also colourless and odourless but, unlike PG, it has a slightly sweet flavour. It’s more viscous than PG – so it produces much thicker vapour when heated, making higher-VG eLiquids ideal for budding cloud chasers.

eLiquids which are high in VG generally give a smoother vaping experience, which some vapers may prefer over strong throat hits. However, VG’s greater viscosity means that high-VG eLiquids can be a bit harder to clean off device components.

PG vs VG
There’s no ‘correct blend’ of PG and VG – it’s just a matter of personal taste, and which eLiquids you like. As all Bhadoom eLiquids contain a blend of both ingredients, the differences tend to be subtle, and many vapers may not notice much difference. Some of our eLiquid ranges are higher in PG and lower in VG, and some are the other way around. Our Drop Shotz range, for instance, generally has high PG / low VG ratios, whereas our Premium Dessert range tends to have low PG / high VG ratios.

The relative amount of PG or VG in a given blend also affects how that blend interacts with the wattage of a device. Generally, high PG blends work better with lower wattage devices, and high VG blends work better with higher wattage devices – in particular, using high-VG blends on higher wattages is guaranteed to get you absolutely massive clouds!

Different vapers want different things from their vaping experience – it’s all a matter of finding out what works for you. We hope you’ve now got the info you need to help you discover what your ideal vaping experience is!

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