Fantasi Mix - Mango Grape

    Fantasi's Mix series' Mango Grape is a classic combination of 2 flavours that you can't go wrong with. Using ripe and sweet Mangoes, with the refreshing taste of Grapes blended...

    Fantasi Mix - Mango Grape Ice

    Fantasi Mix series' Mango Grape Ice is the colder twist of the low mint variant, blending together ripe and sweet mangoes with the refreshing taste of grapes. This e-juice is...

    Fantasi Mix - Strawberry Apple

    Fantasi's new mix series introduces a new blend of flavours that will take your taste buds on a journey. A blend of fresh strawberry and apples give this flavour a...

    Fantasi Mix - Strawberry Apple Ice

    Fantasi's Strawberry Apple Ice e-liquid from the Mix series will take your taste buds on an entrancing journey. This fresh strawberry and apple e-liquid blend give this flavour an unforgettable...

    Fantasi Mix - Watermelon

    The Mix series introduces Fantasi's latest addition - watermelon. A watermelon's sweet and refreshing taste is thoroughly captured in this e-liquid. Definitely one flavour to look out for for vapers...

    Fantasi Mix - Watermelon Ice

    Fantasi's new line of e-liquids, the Mix series introduces a new but familiar flavour, Watermelon. Its sweet and refreshing taste with extra menthol makes this flavour perfect for a hot...

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