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At Bhadoom, we love supplying high-quality, affordable brands to our customer base. If you’re looking for CBD vaping oils that taste as good as they feel, then look no further than CBD Buddy! Here at CBD Buddy cannabis, our vaping oils pack some punch flavours at a variety of different strengths. So, whatever you’re looking for, we’re bound to have something to suit your taste!

We know that everyone has their favourite flavour, and our wide selection accounts for everyone’s taste buds. Are sweeter flavours what you’re looking for? If so, you will absolutely love our “Taylor Spliff Mixed Berry”, “Rolling Stone Blueberry”, “Reefer Franklin Strawberry” and “Jonny Stash Lemon”. Not a fan of fruity flavours? Don’t worry! Maybe the “Apollo Weed Cannabis” is a bit more up your street.

CBD Buddy is available in two strengths: 1000 mg and 2000 mg in a 60ml. Which one do you dare to go for? Our CBD oils are ready to vape straight out of the box, so they’re perfect to consume on the go. CBD Buddy contains zero THC, meaning they’re totally safe as there are no psychoactive properties with the liquid.

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