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Vaping is an amazing way to feel the benefits of CBD. Our CBD Vaping Oils are not only perfect for consumption on the go, but they also taste amazing! At Bhadoom, we are passionate about supplying our customers with affordable CBD vaping oils that do not compromise on quality.

What flavours and brands?

Our two stand-out brands, CBD Buddy and Tranquil CBD, are sure to give you the premium quality that you’d expect from CBD oils on the market. CBD Buddy comes in a variety of strengths and flavours. Let's start off with the flavours! 

If you are someone who is into sweeter flavours, you will be right at home with “Taylor Spliff Mixed Berry”, “Rolling Stone Blueberry”, “Reefer Franklin Strawberry” and “Jonny Stash Lemon”. 

Why Vape CBD?

So, why CBD? While we are not permitted to promote the benefits of CBD, you can conduct your own research online and find the many studies that have been carried out. Unlike THC, CBD contains no psychoactive properties, meaning it will have no hallucinogenic effects on your mind.