Creamie is a range created in the UK, which specialises in unique cream blends. They are manufactured by ‘Liqua Vape’ and are similar to brands such as ‘Slushie & Sweetie’, which are extremely popular in the vaping world.

The beautifully smooth and creamy range of liquids will take your vaping to a whole new level. Using Creamie is an experience with their fondant, velvety taste; the smoothness of the creamy flavoured e-liquids is second to none.

Each bottle of Creamie is blended to a 70% VG ratio which allows for huge vapour production and flavour. At Bhadoom, we are passionate about catering for all our customers’ taste buds, so we have a wide range of flavours including “Blue Raspberry”, “Cinnamon Swirl” and “Apple Pie”. We also love to give you the most competitive prices, so each bottle is priced at just £7.99 for a 50ml short fill.

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