Fifty 50

    Fifty 50 - NicSalt - Lemon Sherbet

    Lemon Sherbet is a sweet, tangy and fresh lemon sherbet e-liquid Lemon Sherbet nicotine salt e-liquid by Fifty 50 is a sharp and fizzy blend, reminiscent of the sweet shop...

    Fifty 50 - NicSalt - Blueberry

    Blueberry Nic Salt is freshly picked organic blueberries blended into a e-liquid. Blueberry nicotine salt e-liquid by Fifty 50 is a simple fruit flavour that was created to be an...

    Fifty 50 - NicSalt - Ice Menthol

    Ice Menthol e-liquid is seriously fresh and cool menthol Ice Menthol nicotine salt e-liquid by Fifty 50 is a traditional menthol flavour that offers a cool taste. The notes of...

    Fifty 50 - NicSalt - Vamp Toes

    Vamp Toes Nic Salt is black currants, mixed berries and grape! SPECIFICATION Nicotine Salt Strength: 18MG Size: 10ML Nicotine Type: Natural Salt Nic  WHAT IS NICOTINE SALT?  Nicotine Salt is the natural nicotine...

    Fifty 50 - NicSalt - Tobacco

    Tobacco nic salt is the true taste of the tobacco leaf! Tobacco nicotine salt e-liquid by Fifty 50 is a classic blend that has remained popular. The earthy flavour of...

    Fifty 50 - NicSalt - Red A

    Red A nic salt is red berries, grapes, aniseed and menthol! One of the classics from the range! Red A nicotine salt e-liquid is a complex fruit blend with floral...

    Fifty 50 - NicSalt - Pinkman

    Pinkman Nic Salt is a classic fruit medley e-liquid Pinkman nicotine salt e-liquid by Fifty 50 is a sweet combination of fruity notes. The berry flavour is consistent throughout, with...

    Fifty 50 - NicSalt - Cherry Menthol

    Cherry Menthol is fresh red cherries with a blast of cool menthol! Cherry Menthol nicotine salt e-liquid by Fifty 50 is sweet and cool in equal measure. The dark cherry...

    Fifty 50 - NicSalt - Blue Crystal

    Blue Crystal E-liquid is a classic blue fruity menthol flavour. Blue Crystal nicotine salt e-liquid features a fusion of winter berries and mint flavours. The floral notes of the mint...

    Fifty 50 - NicSalt - Blackjack

    Black Jack is a classic liquorice and aniseed based e-liquid. Ingredients: 18mg nicotine strength, 50/50 vg/pg, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavourings (in propylene glycol solution), nicotine salts. 0% THC

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