Fog Life

At Bhadoom, we love to provide our customers with a range of exciting, affordable and high-quality products. Are you looking for an e-liquid with a range of eccentric flavours? Then look no further because we have the perfect brand for you that not only has extravagant flavours but also equally eccentric names to match: Fog Life.

Fog Life is a brand that every vape enthusiast is bound to be searching for. Fog Life features a range of various flavours you simply won’t find elsewhere including: “Convict”- a blend of berries, currents and a menthol undertone; “Hoodlum”- a blend of fresh berries, with a refreshing and cool minty, menthol undertone; “Hitman”- an irresistible combination of berries and bubblegum. Browse our range of flavours to find the one for you. Buy Fog Life online today!

Each e-liquid is available in 50ml bottles at a 70% VG ratio, making it perfect for huge vapour production and flavour.

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    Fogg Life - Pimp

    Berries overtones, with Blackcurrant and citrus undertones.  Fogg Life Pimp Cloud Chasing eliquid, You will have Bursts of Blackcurrant, sherbet lemon and many more. Creates a taste tingling, cloud explosion! Name: Pimp...

    Fogg Life - Ruffneck

    Red berries and currant top notes, followed by sweet fennel and a cool, refreshing breeze of cool Fogg Life Ruffneck Cloud Chasing liquid, Overtones of Blackcurrant will splash down before...

    Fogg Life - Hitman

    Blueberry Bubblegum overtones, with red berry undertones. Fogg Life Hitman E-Lliquid Vape. A delectable combination of berries and bubblegum. Just like those little blue millions we love! Mouth watering. Blue...

    Fogg Life - Gang Banger

    Green Apple, Blueberry and Raspberry top notes, with undertones of wild fruits  Fogg Life Gang Banger Cloud Chasing liquid, A complex combination of over ten different fruits and wild berries, which...

    Fogg Life - Convict

    Fogg Life Convict Cloud Chasing liquid, You will have your taste buds all over the place. Can you take on the Convict? Spicy berries, sweet fruits and cool mint menthols. Heisenberg...

    Fogg Life - Hoodlum

    Cherry & Berry fusion binding sweet Aniseed, Astaire menthol and fruity Berries  Fogg Life Hoodlum Cloud Chasing liquid, A blend of the freshest of berries, coupled with a refreshing and...

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