Fog Life

At Bhadoom, we love to provide our customers with a range of exciting, affordable and high-quality products. Are you looking for an e-liquid with a range of eccentric flavours? Then look no further because we have the perfect brand for you that not only has extravagant flavours but also equally eccentric names to match: Fog Life.

Fog Life is a brand that every vape enthusiast is bound to be searching for. Fog Life features a range of various flavours you simply won’t find elsewhere including: “Convict”- a blend of berries, currents and a menthol undertone; “Hoodlum”- a blend of fresh berries, with a refreshing and cool minty, menthol undertone; “Hitman”- an irresistible combination of berries and bubblegum. Browse our range of flavours to find the one for you. Buy Fog Life online today!

Each e-liquid is available in 50ml bottles at a 70% VG ratio, making it perfect for huge vapour production and flavour.

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    Fog Life - Pimp

    Berries overtones, with Blackcurrant and citrus undertones. 

    Fog Life - Ruffneck

    Red berries and currant top notes, followed by sweet fennel and a cool, refreshing breeze of cool

    Fog Life - Hitman

    Blueberry Bubblegum overtones, with red berry undertones.

    Fog Life - Gang Banger

    Green Apple, Blueberry and Raspberry top notes, with undertones of wild fruits 

    Fog Life - Convict

    Berries, Currant and Grape Top notes, with undertones of Aniseed and Menthol. Cool, sweet and vibrant 

    Fog Life - Hoodlum

    Cherry & Berry fusion binding sweet Aniseed, Astaire menthol and fruity Berries 

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