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At Bhadoom, we want to supply our customers with high-quality, affordable and deliciously tasting e-liquids. Are you looking for a low-lost e-liquid with a taste to take you back to your childhood? Then look no further because Mix-Up is a cheap e-liquid brand entirely based on childhood sweet flavours.

The e-liquids come in a nostalgic range of sweet and sour flavours, including “Strawberry Sherbet Crew”, “Pear Drops”, and “Rhubarb & Custard” to transport you back to the simple and carefree days of your childhood. Whatever your go-to sweet was at the corner store, Mix-Up is sure to have a flavour of e-liquid to remind you of that sweet. Buy Mix-Up online today!

Priced at only £7.99 per bottle, Bhadoom is offering you a very competitive price for vaping enthusiasts. The e-liquids are made in the UK with a VG70/PG30 ratio. Perfect for any sweet tooth, check out the range of Mix-Up products.