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At Bhadoom, we want to supply our customers with high-quality, affordable and deliciously tasting e-liquids. Are you looking for a low-lost e-liquid with a taste to take you back to your childhood? Then look no further because Mix-Up is a cheap e-liquid brand entirely based on childhood sweet flavours.

The e-liquids come in a nostalgic range of sweet and sour flavours, including “Strawberry Sherbet Crew”, “Pear Drops”, and “Rhubarb & Custard” to transport you back to the simple and carefree days of your childhood. Whatever your go-to sweet was at the corner store, Mix-Up is sure to have a flavour of e-liquid to remind you of that sweet. Buy Mix-Up online today!

Priced at only £7.99 per bottle, Bhadoom is offering you a very competitive price for vaping enthusiasts. The e-liquids are made in the UK with a VG70/PG30 ratio. Perfect for any sweet tooth, check out the range of Mix-Up products.

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    Mix Up - Banana Foams

    Sugary Banana, with a sweet Marshmallow candy taste Product Features Nicotine: 0mgSize: 50ml (60ml bottle)PG30/VG70Flavour Profile: Banana Cream SweetMade in the UK Ingredients: 0mg nicotine strength, 70/30 vg/pg, vegetable glycerine,...

    Mix Up - Ice Pastilles

    Combining Tropical Fruits, Currants and Citric Vine flavours, this vape is BURSTING with flavour. Cool on the exhale! Ice Pastilles Eliquid by Mix Up 50ml ShortfillFeature Nicotine: 0mgSize: 50mlRatio: PG30/VG70Flavour Profile: fruit pastilles...

    Mix Up - Pear Drops

    Just like the hard boiled candy. Top notes of sugared Pear followed by a slightly cream based undertone Pear Drops By Mix-up E Liquid is a sweet treat! A mouth-watering...

    Mix Up - Rhubarb & Custard

    Top notes of freshly baked Rhubarb, with bottom notes, of creamy custard. Rhubarb & Custard By Mix-up E Liquid is a rhubarb and custard sweet, the little pink and yellow...

    Mix Up - Tutti Fruity

    Mixed fruity sweets! Tutti Fruity by MIX UP SWEETS is a mixed fruit chew sweets! Berries, Citric fruits & and juicy Currants.   Product Features Nicotine: 0mgSize: 50ml (60ml bottle)PG30/VG70Flavour Profile:...

    Mix Up - Sweet Black Jack

    Sweet Aniseed Chew. Sweet Black Jack E-liquid by Mix Up is a bold flavour and aniseed black jack that will have you checking whether your eating the real thing! 60ml...

    Mix Up - Strawberry Sherbet Chew

    Just like the fizzy Berry chew bar. Strawberry overtones, with mid tones of lemon + lime citric vine followed by undertones of sour and sweet. Just like the fizzy berry...

    Mix Up - Strawberry Laces

    Juicy Strawberry lace candy Strawberry Laces E-liquid by Mix Up is sweet and fruity strawberry laces just like the childhood sweets 60ml Bottle 50ml Liquid 0mg 70vg 30pg Suitable for...

    Mix Up - Bubblegum

    Bubblegum E-liquid by Mix Up is a childhood favourite, a sweet bubblegum treat 60ml Bottle 50ml Liquid 0mg 70vg 30pg Suitable for use with nic shots   Ingredients: 0mg nicotine...

    Mix Up - Sour Worms

    The most complex and explosive flavour we manufacture. Fizzy, Sweet, Sour and Juicy! This flavour is the pinnacle of 'wow'. Just like the tangy candy worms. Sour Worms By Mix-up...

    Mix Up - Love Candy

    Just like the Love heart candy. Love Candy By Mix-up E Liquid is an explosion of sweet sherbet flavours.   Please Note: This e-liquid is provided in a 60ml bottle with...

    Mix Up - Jelly Bears

    Gummy American Candy. Fruity and lip-smackingly juicy.  Jelly Bears By Mix-up E Liquid is a mixed fruits jelly bear flavour   Please Note: This e-liquid is provided in a 60ml bottle...

    Mix Up - Fizzy Cola Bottles

    Just like the candy. Sweet, sour and fizzy cola. Fizzy cola bottles are those sugar coated sweet cola bottle sweets from your childhood. Be careful though, they can prove addictive!...

    Mix Up - Chewstick

    Chewy Marshmallow Candy fused with Raspberry Compote.  Mix Up are a UK brand of tasty sweet treats, with Chewstick being a raspberry chewy stick flavour. Mix Up Sweets Chewstick Specifications...

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