Nic Shots are specifically designed for use with short fill e-liquids in 10ml bottles. The bottles can be added to any nicotine free e-liquid to give it that extra little boost. The Nic Shots are extremely versatile so can also be used for diluting a juice, topping up on nicotine or for discrete vaping. Nic Shots are incredibly affordable, use less plastic and are a great option for sub ohm vapers who use a lot of juice.

You might be asking: what are short fill e-liquids? They are 0mg e-juices that are supplied in a bottle which leaves enough space for a nicotine shot. When your nicotine shots are added this enables you to make your zero mg vape juice up to 3mg of nicotine strength. They are unflavoured and can be added in various quantities to create the strength you require. Check out our range below and buy Nic Shots online today!