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Nicohit is a brand owned by vapers for vapers. They have been well-established in the e-liquid industry since 2012 and have had plenty of years to perfect their products. The 50/50 juice is the best 50/50 e-liquid in the UK and has been carefully created and tested with the customers in mind. Nicohit knows that the taste of an e-liquid can be one of the most important parts of the vaping experience, so they have crafted some of the most innovative and tasty Nicohit 50/50 fruit flavours e-liquid out there.

Nicohit has a range of delicious flavours to satisfy every customer’s taste, from the traditional to more exotic. Some of the flavours include fruity flavours like “Purple Grape Soda”, “Blueberry” or “Berry Blast”. Are you looking for something with a cool, refreshing taste? Then “Menthol” or “Super Mint” could be the ones for you. Or maybe you want to be transported back to your childhood. In that case, “Jack Blacks would be the e-liquid you’re looking for. Whatever your favourite flavour is, satisfy your taste buds and buy Nicohit online today!