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Pump Up The Jam are a fun, quirky and affordable brand of e-liquids with a range of jam-themed flavours. The sweetness and stickiness ooze out of these e-liquids and are a hit among you sweet fruit lovers out there. Every bottle is jam-packed with a replica of conserves we use everyday from the jar in the cupboard. Pump Up The Jam will have you jamming along to your favourite song whilst you vape away!

The Jam flavours are UK made with a VG70/PG30 ratio in 50ml. The Jam e-liquids can be used with any refillable electronic e-cig mods. We all have our favourite jam- so what’s yours? Perhaps it’s a more traditional flavour such as “Raspberry Jam” or “Strawberry Jam”. Or maybe you prefer something more exotic like “Lime Jam” or “Blueberry Jam”. Whatever your flavour gets you jamming, check out our collection and buy Pump Up The Jam online today!