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Shootin Putin are a brand with a controversial name and a range of the coolest, toughest and juicest e-liquids including “KGB Blueberry Blast”, “State Sanctioned Jam” and “Kalashnikov CoCo Ice”. We promise every product will have you falling over with laughter at their hilarious names. Shootin Putin e-liquids are extremely affordable and we give you the most competitive prices. Fall in love with Russia with these authentic flavours and buy Shootin Putin online today!

Shootin Putin e-liquids are made with a VG70/PG30 ratio in 50ml bottles. This makes Shootin Putin e-liquid products great for huge vapour production and flavour. They really hit the spot for vapours both in terms of taste and their hilariously witty product names! The range of fruity, cooling and icy flavoured e-liquids help get you vapours through the day. Mix with nicotine shots to get your desired strength.