Swag Supreme

Are you looking for a premium, high quality cotton wick for your vaping? Well look no further because here at Bhadoom, we’ve already found the best brand for you: Swag Supreme. Swag Supreme is a brand which crafts an ultra heat-resistant cotton wick which is crafted in the UK by vapers for vapers. It is constructed out of 100% organic materials and cotton fibre, blended with cellulose fibre with no chemicals involved. It has heat resistant properties and it a fantastic product on the cotton market. Buy Swag Supreme online today!

The fibres wick your liquid exceptionally well and do not require a break in period, unlike other brands. It provides top of the range, affordable cotton fibres that every vaper needs within their rebuildable atomiser. Every package contains a 1 meter roll of Swag Supreme cotton. We promise you won’t find a better tried and tested product which is loved by vapers across the board. Check out Swag Supreme below.

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