The Fog Clown

    The Fog Clown - Lykos (Lychee & Blackcurrant)

    Wicked Clown Fruity Cooler. A blend of sweet lychee and dark blackcurrant that will freeze you away to heaven. The cool combo will make you clown for more! Lykos (Lychee...

    The Fog Clown - Sajos (Strawberry & Kiwi)

    Strawberry kiss and Kiwi goodness. Re-create, by clown. Sajos (Strawberry Kiwi) by The Fog Clown E Liquid is a Strawberry and Kiwi infusion. This is a classic flavour combination that everyone...

    The Fog Clown - Pinkos (Mixed Berries & Lemonade)

    Have a taste of Pink! in this hot summer by the beach. This is a funky blend of lemon, mixed berries and sweet sodas. Experience the rush of freezy lemonade...

    The Fog Clown - Barmon (Barley Lemon)

    A traditional sensation drink. Behold the famous barley drink with a combination of zesty lemon, with an extra kick of freshness. Barmon Lemon Barley Eliquid. by Fog Clown 50ml Behold...

    The Fog Clown - Gallo (Grape Aloe Vera)

    Grape & Aloe Vera mix. The refreshment you can't find in a circus. Gallo (Grape Aloe) by The Fog Clown E Liquid is a mix of a classic Malaysian grape mixed...

    The Fog Clown - Mojos (Mojito Mango)

    The Fog Clown’s signature cocktail. Feel the mojito lime rush through your veins and exhale to a hint of sexy mango in every puff. Mojos (Mojito Mango) by The Fog...

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