Yankee All Stars

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    Yankee All Stars - Waffle

    Belgium waffle, with caramlised sugar and lashings of cream. The ADV of desserts

    Yankee All Stars - Tropical

    Bringing summer back into your life in a simple inhale! Complex Tropical fruits will surely splash your pallet back to life!

    Yankee All Stars - Sugar Cookie

    Cookie, sugar and everything nice! Crunchy, and mourish! This top seller will have you craving more!

    Yankee All Stars - Slush

    Picture this - you're thirsty, its hot outside, you need a quenching beverage to climatise? Slush is the answer.

    Yankee All Stars - Raspberry Bon-Bon

    An all time classic sweet! Overtones of caramelised Raspberry sweets.

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