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Yankee Juice e-liquids are made only with the best and tastiest ingredients to provide you with a sensational vaping experience. The e-liquids are manufactured in the UK but full of high-flavour American style tastes. It doesn’t end there though- not only are these fantastic flavours, but they are also extremely affordable. All products are available as 50ml shortfills with a 70VG/30PG ratio. The 60ml bottles even leave 10ml room for Nico Shots. You really can’t go wrong with Yankee Juice!

Yankee Juice has a huge range of exquisite flavours to suit anyone and everyone. The fantastic flavours including “Sour Worms”, “Tutti Fruity”, and “Lychee & Elderflower”. So, whether you’re looking for something sour, sweet or simply an exotic flavour, Yankee Juice is bound to have something to tickle your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied. Browse our range below and buy Yankee Juice online today!

    Yankee Ice - Lychee & Elderflower

    Overtones of Lychee & Elderflower with mid tones of Passionfruit finished with a cooling kick.

    Yankee Deserts - Apple Pie Custard

    An all time classic dessert flavour!

    Yankee Deserts - Icecream Cookie

    Anybody say Cookies and Iced Cream? Crunchy, rich, sweet and creamy!

    Yankee Sweets - Bubblegum

    Blueberry Bubblegum overtones, with red berry undertones.

    Yankee Sweets - Sour Worms

    The most complex and explosive flavour we manufacture. Fizzy, Sweet, Sour and Juicy! This flavour is the pinnacle of 'wow'. Just like the tangy candy worms.

    Yankee Sweets - Candy

    Just like the Love heart candy.

    Yankee Deserts - Strawberry Cheesecake

    Top notes of biscuit base, followed by rich, very creamy mid tones, finished with tones of juicy, ripe Strawberries!

    Yankee Juice - Raspberry & Strawberry

    Tort Raspberry blended with a juicy Strawberry Lace.

    Yankee Fruits - Mango Berry

    Sweet Eastern Mango overtones splash down with undertones of Wild Red Berries

    Yankee Sweets - Sherbet Lemon

    Just like the hard-boiled tangy lemon sweets. This vape will hit the spot of any citric fruit lover!

    Yankee Fruits - Lychee & Citrus Fruits

    Tangy, sweet and fruity! A refreshingly cool Lychee top note, with citrus undertones.

    Yankee Juice - Caramel Tobacco

    Fusing the truest of Leaf Tobacco Blends, and caramel this flavour is the opitamy of tobacco's!

    Yankee Juice - Blue Slush

    A blueberry and red berry fusion with a cooling undertone. Refreshing and fruity.

    Yankee Ice - Black Grape

    Dark Grapes overtones, with bottom notes of cooling blackcurrant

    Yankee Fruits - Berry Zest

    Featuring an array of mixed Berries, caramelised in sugary syrup and undertones of citric vine fruits.

    Yankee Ice - Cherry

    Cherry & Berry fusion binding sweet Aniseed, Astaire menthol and fruity Berries

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