NicNic - Nicotine Shot - 18mg

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Get the exact vaping experience you want with any short fill e-liquid using NicNic nicotine shots.

Simply add the bottle of nicotine straight to the shortfill bottle and shake very well.
Adding a 10ml bottle of 18mg/ml nicotine to a 50ml shortfill will give you a total quantity of 60ml of 3mg/ml strength e-liquid.

Using a whole bottle (10ml) 18mg/ml flavourless nicotine and flavouring at 20% of the final mixture

Flavouring  Plain PG/VG Final quantity Final strength
2.5ml 0 12.5ml 14.4mg/ml
3ml 2ml 15ml 12mg/ml
4ml 6ml 20ml 9mg/ml
6ml 14ml 30ml 6mg/ml
12ml 38ml 60ml 3mg/ml


We urge you to read the safety information and take the proper precautions when mixing your own e-liquids.


Ingredients: 18mg nicotine strength, vegetable glycerine.  0% THC


E-liquid Type
  • Nicotine Shot
VG Level
  • VG only
Flavour Type
  • Unflavoured
The product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers

NicNic - Nicotine Shot - 18mg

NicNic - Nicotine Shot - 18mg
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